Flooding is now the #1 threat to private home owners and municipalities. Plan 2014 will bring increased lake surges and Climate Change will bring rain ‘microbursts’ to the whole province. Despite this, our lived experience through the spring flood revealed a disconnect between flood forecasting systems emergency preparedness, response and recovery. We simply were not ready.

 Readiness belongs to all of us. Here, you will find a collection of resources to help manage a flooding emergency, whether you are a private citizen or a municipality.

Emergency management has five components – prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Please share your resources.


Preventive measures are designed to provide more permanent protection from disasters. The risk of loss of life and injury can be limited with good evacuation plans, environmental planning and design standards.

Preventing Disaster before it strikes: Canadian Standards for Flood Resilient Communities

European Commission Flood Prevention, Protection and Mitigation

 US Environmental Protection Agency Flooding Incident Action Check List


Mitigation involves structural and non-structural measures taken to limit the impact of disasters and emergencies. Structural mitigation actions change the characteristics of buildings or the environment; examples include flood control projects and raising building elevations. Non-structural mitigation most often entails adopting or changing building codes.

Organization of American States Hazard Mitigation planning: tools and techniques


Preparedness is a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking corrective action. Training and exercising plans is the cornerstone of preparedness which focuses on readiness to respond.

Temporary Flood Barrier Resource List Intact Center for Climate Adaptation

US Army Corps How to Build Sandbag Walls

Using a ladder to fill multiple sandbags quickly (City of Ottawa)

Provincial Guidelines for Municipal Flood Plan Development

Toronto Flood Plan

Municipality of Clarington Flood Plan

Renfrew County Guide on Preparedness


The response phase is a reaction to the occurrence of a flooding disaster or emergency, measures taken for life, property and environmental safety.  


The recovery phase begins immediately after the threat to human life has subsided. The goal of the recovery phase is to bring the affected area back to some degree of normalcy.


Ontario Disaster Recovery Program for Ontarian (Provincial Government Financial Recovery $$)