Most Ontarians have very little understanding of what happened in Spring 2017. And if they do, they likely have NO IDEA how wide spread and damaging it was.

We sometimes hear “Why should we (tax payers) provide help to these rich people living the ‘california lifestyle’ in their vanity homes?”.

We want Ontario to understand that our communities are just like theirs. Yes, there are some very wealthy people with spectacular homes that live on the shoreline (who pay taxes, are human, and are entitled to the same protections as everyone else). But largely, we are just regular people with regular incomes and regular lives.

We are seniors on fixed incomes. We are persons with disability. We are families with small children. Some of our homes and familes have been here since before confederation. We are stewards of the shoreline. We are Ontarians.

Help get this message out. Share your lived experience. Contact us to make arrangements to share your photos and videos on United Shoreline Ontario.