Here Are 4 Things That You Can Do

#1 Build your own Flood Resilency.

The lake will rise again. As a private home owner OR a municipality, you MUST do everything you can to be as flood resilient as possible. Look on our resources page to find tips, resources and best practices on flood resiliency, flood insurance, flood response and flood recovery. (under construction)

#2 Join us on Facebook

Join us on Facebook to spread the word about Plan 2014 and United Shoreline Ontario and United Shoreline USA. Facebook will be our primary channel for communication.

#3 Send a letter/email to your elected official

Click HERE to download a letter (Microsoft Word format) that you can edit and send to your elected officials. Consider writing Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Ford, your MP and MPP and your local council. Share your concerns about Plan 2014, Climate Change adaptation, emergency response and ask for the protection of your shoreline.


Municipalities, connect with the other municipalities across the shoreline to lobby for action and resources. Emergency Responders, connect with best practice communities to build your Emergency Response flood plans. Residents, unite with your neighbours around Lake Ontario, partner with your municipality, and refuse to be ignored.

Thank You

Who has time for this?


None of us WANT to spend our evenings, weekends, family time and other precious hours consuming our emotional energy trying to protect our families, our emergency responders, and our homes.

It is going to take ALL OF US to demand change for the shoreline.

Fight like your home depends on it.